Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Our school day

We've been at our new schedule for over a week now and I'm all ready to change it up. I have most of our school time in the morning before lunch. All I left for the afternoon was reading aloud and history/science (we're doing one or the other each day not both). What I'm finding out is that our morning goes great and we get a lot accomplished BUT by the time we're done with lunch I'm tired. I'm ready for kids to nap or play outside. I'm not ready to dive into the rest of our day. I think I may just switch up the free blocks of time and chores to right after lunch and push the rest of our school to about 3 pm. Or I could make lunch at 12:30 vs. 11:00 and get it all in before we eat. Just typing that out makes me think that's the way we'll go.

Ok, so enough rambling. Want to see a few pictures of our morning?


Ericksons said...

Way to go Lara! I have often wondered how mothers take care of the kids and house can do home school as well. What a blessing for your family.

Emily said...

Noah is ready to learn. Are you teaching him the sciences yet?

cute pics of concentration on your oldest kids faces.

I'm still mad at you btw.

Robyn said...

Don't you just love seeing them work so hard on learning! Plus some of them working together. It's a beautiful thing!!!

mylittleducks5 said...

I love your header picture. I wasn't brave enough to try a front shot. Good school pics too. Are those pattern blocks stacked like that? If so, I am going to have to show the kids and they can try that too. It looks cool.

Some Assembly Required said...

I always think of you when I wonder how on earth I am going to manage this 'homeschool' thang with a newly minted three year-old, a one year-old, and a newborn in residence. I'm not sure if me being so relaxed will be a blessing or a curse in this department. How DO you do it?