Monday, May 5, 2008

Boys and their toys....and a girl too!

A few weeks ago we were given a mini bike from our neighbor, he called it a 'project bike'. My husband likes projects so he gladly took it on :) He happens to have time off since the baby was born so naturally, it's the perfect time for a project.

Here's the frame all ready for paint

After one color of paint...

A second coat in a second color...

Dh installed a new motor, clutch...welded a crack in the frame adjusted this and tweaked that (I just didn't take photos of this part)

All put back together!!

And now for the fun part, RIDING IT!!

I think they did pretty well for their first tries, it'll be a few more times before they really get the hang of it though. Dh didn't need any lessons, so for him it was fun from the get go!!


Leanne said...

Ian is amazing! The things he can fix!

What a blessing to you!

And baby is ah, sooooooooooooooooooo

I asked Dave if he could spare a day out of his long weekend, coming soon, to go up to your house.....he can't right now! I'm sad! But his work is important right now....

So I guess we won't be up anytime soon.

Ah well!

Love on Noah's toes for me, will ya??


Randi said...

What a cool bike! My kids would be in heaven if they had one of those!