Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Outside fun in the sun

Apparently I've been MIA around here for a week! I guess that's what happens when Washington gets a bit of sunshine. It's rare so we are out enjoying it!

In a recent post I told you about a mini bike that my husband fixed up. The kids really like it but it has a downside...only one rider at time. So my Dh has been searching for a solution. He was thinking a go kart that would seat two, but he came across this mini car on Craigslist.

It's in rough condition, but with some elbow grease, a few new parts, and some modifications we're hoping it'll work out great. The plan is to make it with bench seats so it will seat a driver and four small passengers :)

Here the kids all pitched in to scrub it up a bit.

This little guy doesn't see the need for something gas powered, he's happy with Flinstone style!

Then we took a drive down to the beach to play.

It was fun and we came home with lots of sand :) (you know, in our shoes)

The kids spent some time playing around with a remote control truck....

and last but not least is our new friend....

We've learned three times, yes THREE times, this past week that if the door off our kitchen gets left open swallows will fly into our house. Twice I've found one of these guys flying around my kitchen and once there was one flying circles around in my bedroom. Funny you say? You know when you're walking outside and a bird is above you? What is your fear? That it will poop on you, right? Well, what do you think will happen to your bed when the bird is flying around??? Oh yeah, that part's NOT so funny!!


Emily said...

That looks so fun! What a cool dad your kids have. Yeah Ian...you're cool. I'm missing you guys today.

Gayle said...

I love that picture with Ian kneeling on the beach with the wood...all the kids around him. It looks like he's imparting something.

Big Doofus said...

Here in Central Indiana, we get hummingbirds trapped in the garage at least once or twice every summer. It's funny how they can fly in through a GIANT door and then not be able to figure out how to get out because the ceiling is two feet higher than the door. It's like they cannot look down and see the same GIANT door they flew in. So, I've devised a "hummingbird net" to get the little guys out.

Your family is beautiful. I just happened to stumble upon your blog via Scott's "Honey, I Fed the Kids" site.

chickadee said...

that is wild about the bird.

the car looks so neat!

Big Red Driver said...

I love that car!! Oh my gosh, would I have wanted that as a kid.

Anonymous said...

Boy! You guys are having fun in the sun. What a cute little car. I hope you guys get some more fun sun.

Leanne said...

At least you aren't blogging about tarantulas in your house!!!

I'm glad to see you posting again...

It was good talking to you Saturday!

Where's Noah in the mix?

I like the picture of Ian with the kids on the sand too...

You guys are doing great!

Can I get some baby fashion show pictures???