Friday, May 9, 2008

Sometimes compliments come out in interesting phrases, take this morning for example. I was sitting drinking my coffee as Dh was getting ready for work and our 3 year old daughter was the only one up with me.

She turned to me and said, "I love Daddy!"

I said, "That's nice."

Then she said, "Even when he doesn't bring me treats."

Isn't it good to know that your kids will love you even when you're not passing out goodies??


Emily said...

I think the same thing about my daddy.

Anonymous said...

That sounds like something one of my kids would say too. They can usually count on him for some good quality junk food. It's so cute when little ones love on their daddies.

Leanne said...

Ah, three year olds!!!

What a sweetie!

I like the way she thinks.


Renata said...

Just wanted to say I love your blog & congrats on your new addition - so cute!!! I love the way kids think - esp during those cute preschool years!!!