Tuesday, May 13, 2008

I've been a bit bored today. I'm not even sure how it happened. I mean, how can a house full of little kids, laundry to be done, dishes, vacuuming and all other sorts of things not keep me completely busy? I'll tell you how. This here computer. Yep, that's my excuse. I played around. The sink is still full, the laundry is still in folded piles (it's clean), the house is messy...but aren't these photos cute?

I usually just upload my pictures from my computer, but Emily has introduced me to Flickr and there are just some fun tools to use!! The picture can go from ordinary to extraordinary. Okay, that was a lame line, but you get my point right? So, now I need to go get some things done so my Dh won't be ashamed that I told all of you on the internet that my house was messy. I may even get the sink so shiny Flylady would be proud!


chickadee said...


Gayle said...

Oh girl...the house can wait because that little Sugar will only be a newborn once. Such SWEET pictures!!

Emily said...

You're pretty handy with it already. Like a pro or something.

yep, the computer keeps me from my clean laundry basket....dumb computer. (or...is it DUMB laundry? hmmmm.)

Leanne said...

Emily, I think it's DUMB LAUNDRY!!!

Laura....oh, how I wish we had a digital camera!! Would you believe that we do not own a camera, and at family celebrations and trips we use those cheesy disposable ones?? Know you know my secret!!!

Noah is so wonderful....can't the house wait for just a few more minutes???!!!

I need to talk. Can I call you??

I love you.


Melissa said...

so glad I'm not the only one! Whenever I have a new baby I spend far too much time "surfing." I look at it as studying while nursing. :)