Friday, May 30, 2008

One Month Old

My little Noah,
In the blink of an eye a whole month has past. Some of the newness is wearing off, you've gained some weight and filled out some of your wrinkles :) We have started to settle into a routine and you are a sweet little guy! You are content most of the time and even let mommy get rest at night. The only thing that really seems to bother you is messy diapers, you appreciate being changed promptly. You are well loved by everyone here and recieve lots of daily kisses!


EEEEMommy said...

He's adorable! I know it's a lot of work having a newborn around the house, but I wouldn't mind having one around to snuggle! There's something special about the smell of a new baby. Enjoy!

Leanne said...

He IS adorable!!!

Hey, I recognize that outfit on your precious baby boy!!

Time really flies!

Don't blink to much, or your oldest will be a teenager!! That's what happened to us, and now look at Russell!!

Enjoy him while you can!