Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Since someone already let the cat out of the bag....I suppose it's okay to give you all an official announcement.

I'm pregnant!

I went to see the Ob doctor yesterday for my first prenatal visit and everything seems to be progressing fine. The baby and I are measuring right at 8 weeks along. Which brings a due date of August 30, 2009.

I'm feeling pretty normal, I'm not having too much nausea or tiredness (some just not TONS).

So, there you have it...now everyone knows ;)


EEEEMommy said...

Congrats! I will keep you in my prayers! :)

Miriam said...


Emily said...

Just leave it to Emily and her big mouth, right?

Anonymous said...

Congrats!! What a nice way to end your Summer. I am sure your girls are rooting for a girl this time:)
Very Exciting!

Renata said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! What exciting news! Hope you stay well & get plenty of rest. Looking forward to the end of August for you!

Monica said...

What a blessing! Congratulations. I always loved being pregnant in the summer. Nothing better than flip flops for swollen feet:) How are you feeling?

ericksons said...

Laura, that is great! I'm glad that you're not feeling too sick. How exciting. I can't wait to hear what you name him/her.

Big Red Driver said...

Wonderful news!!

Kimmie said...

Hi L~

Congratulations...you must be so happy! Glad you are feeling well, that is excellent.

mama to 7
one homemade and 6 adopted